Life at Adani

Our corporate values are
Courage – We shall embrace new ideas and businesses
Trust – We shall believe in our employees and other stakeholders
Commitment – We shall stand by our promises and adhere to high standards of business

Life at Adani

At Adani, we think big.
We spot opportunities.
We think on our feet.
We focus on getting things done.

We never stop.
We don’t rest on past achievements.
We won’t shy away from a decision because we have not done it before.

We deliver projects on time and often ahead of time for our customers.

We achieve our ambition by acting as one.
We constantly strive to do better.

We give customers what they want.
We grow the business and most importantly, we give back to India.
This is the spirit in which we do our work everyday. This is what our values mean.

We offer you not just a job but a satisfying career.

Learn more about the life from the following success stories

Sandip Bandhopadhyay
Power Business, Mundra

I joined Adani from college nearly two years ago because they are an establishing business rather than an established one. That’s an important distinction for me because I’m an engineer and I felt there would be more chance to be a real asset to the company if it is growing.

And that has proved true. In an established company the learning curve is just linear but here it’s exponential – and you get responsibility too. I’m now Executive Assistant, the Head of Operations & Maintenance (O&M). In another company you would not get this kind of experience but Adani is a young company, so it offers greater opportunities.

Vipul Shah
Logistics, Chairman’s Office, Ahmedabad

I joined Adani in 2006 because it was clear that Adani was a conglomerate that was moving from one level to the next.

People who are with a company that’s growing quickly will see their careers grow quickly too, so I left my job in business development in an infrastructure consulting business in Ahmedabad. Now I’m in the Chairman’s Office for the logistics vertical.

The atmosphere here is one of freedom - there is very little red tape here and the work environment is very light and informal. But the big difference between Adani and other corporates is that they actually encourage you to think “out of the box”.

Kaushal Kabra
Services, Chairman’s Office, Ahmedabad

Adani recruited me from campus in 1998 and I found that the company suited my values. I get a big kick out of doing new stuff and I have had that throughout my career – it’s this variety that makes working with Adani so attractive.

Once I proved my effectiveness in my first assignment, two or three projects quickly came my way.

In the 14 years I have worked here I’ve had two bosses, spending 10 years with Devang Desai, the Group CFO, and then four years with the Chairman. They’re both brilliant. It’s true they pushed me but then they have given me so much experience that it’s been like a new job every two years.

Learning & development

At Adani, staff have personal growth plans. We have programmes and processes to help them achieve their potential and gain knowledge and experience in areas critical to our success and their developement.

Personal growth and speed of doing business are a way of life at Adani. So we have evaluation processes in place to groom our people to become the best at what they do.* In addition, we have The Adani Management Development Centre (AMDC) where we conduct leadership-building programmes for executives across the Group.

*Our processes include: Performance development & review system, Assessment & Development Canters, 360 ° Feedback Systems, Talent management, Competency framework, Talent matrix, Center for Entrepreneurship Leadership, Business and Emerging leadership programme and many other education & training offered at different stages of an employee’s career